"To give life to the work of art is certainly one of the most necessary tasks of the true artist."                                                                                                                                                         - Alfred Sisley

Self Portrait.  Oil on canvas.  30" x 40"

Self Portrait.  Oil on canvas.  30" x 40"

Felicity L. Kostakis

Born in Sydney, Australia, Felicity Kostakis has been heavily influenced by the sea. Her early inspiration came from the magnificent coastlines of Australia’s southeast region. After studying in Australia, Felicity moved to Dublin, Ireland where the bays and peninsulas of the Emerald Isle continued to awake her artistic impulses. Choosing to settle and raise her family in Old Greenwich, CT has spurred further exploration of her favorite muse, the sea, where the varied coastlines of New England have the chance to inspire her daily.

Felicity’s artwork is influenced by natural forms. Where the horizon meets the shore, where land, sea and sky come together, and the ever-changing moods of the water are all images in her paintings evoking various moods, from tranquil to ominous.  She has extended her ability to capture the grandeur of the sea to many other subjects including landscapes, animals and various inspiring inanimate objects.

Throughout the years, Felicity’s painting techniques have developed with great influence from the impressionist painters. Her chosen medium is oil on canvas.

Felicity teaches painting to children of all ages at the local art gallery and teaches the Friday afters programs at Greenwich Academy. She is a member of The Greenwich Art Society, The Art Society of Old Greenwich, The Greenwich Arts Council and the Collectors Council at the Bruce Museum. Felicity is currently on the Board of Trustees for the Bruce Museum.

Felicity enjoys commissions and welcomes inquiries.